The Three Major Techniques to Adopt when Applying Snazaroo Paints

While snazaroo face paints are smooth and long lasting, some techniques are required to ensure the face painting is perfect.

First, apply a base color using a damp sponge. It is recommended to use a white base since it can be easily covered with any colors; even the lighter colors stay well on a white base. Do not use a sponge with excessive water; it may lead to an undesired result.

Second, it is time for a deeper color. As compared to one thick coat, you are advised to apply multiple thin layers. Take note that you should apply the next layer only after the previous layer is dry. This can be easily done by using Snazaroo paints since they are water-based.

Next, you can do a color mixing. To do so, apply the first color on the face and quickly apply another color while the paint is still wet. If you get a nice artistic color mix effect, congratulations, you have done a good job face painting! Remind yourself that this is utterly different from mixing two colors in the palette, which will only create a uniform combination of colors.

Still can’t get perfect face paint? Don’t worry, it requires practice and experience. You will able to do it soon. Good luck!